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January 2, 2020by vikasoo30

Prediction for 2020


Aries– 2020 is the year of brilliance for you. You will have the freedom to do things, the way you want to execute them. Things which have been in pipeline for long will come to fruitarian. New opportunities and awareness will come in your life. More travel will happen in your life. Career opportunities will also show up.


Taurus– This is time for domestic happiness and domestic bliss. There will be a lot of joy and celebration in the family. Good news will come your way.


Gemini– This is time to develop your skills. This is time for research and development. This is a good year for students and if you want to pursue further studies.  This is a good year to give competitive exams. This is a time to learn new skills.


Cancer– This is money year for you. Finances will come your way. Money opportunities will be created. More networking will happen and work will expand.


Leo– Old projects will come to an end. New projects will start. The expansion will happen in life in every sector. New work possibilities will be created. There might be a change of industry as well.


Virgo– This is time for a new beginning. You might shift your house or workplace. The changes which are coming in life are for the better. Don’t derogate any decision-making activities. Whatever you are doing, will take a step forward in life.


Libra– Domestic tensions will be there at home front. Hassles will be created at home front. There will be office politics and conspiracies. You should be very much aware of the same.  Work will expand. There will be more networking and rise in goodwill. Your team will also expand with regards to this expansion, management of which might look difficult.


Scorpio– There will be a lot of good news coming your way. There is a lot of joy and celebration waiting ahead. People, who have negative intentions against you, will not be able to harm you. You will progress a lot in your life and from now on there is no turning back. You are blessed.


Sagittarius– Lot of hard work will happen. Domestic tensions might bother you. But you should stay away from controversies and live low key. You should not be part of any brawl and avoid confrontations.


Capricorn– All those decisions and actions which have been derogating for years, will now come to execution. Things will become progressive. All your past hard work will pay off.


Aquarius– This year is the road to success. More progress, more recognition will come your way. Things will look forward in life. there will be a lot of acknowledgement for your hard work.


Pieces– This is the year of spirituality and divine. More of your intuition and extrasensory abilities will develop. Base all your important decisions of life on inner awareness rather than your rational mind.

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