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Dr Sheesham Bansal

Sheesham Bansal Aggarwal, a renowned Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist and Holistic Healer (Vaastu) is a driving force behind Astro Fate n Future. She has been practicing Divination for eighteen years and is dedicated to the field of occult science. She has been successful in transforming lives of many people across various continents, depicting her unwavering devotion towards her work. People from all walks of life contact her for consultancy and remedies for their tribulations. With eighteen years of work experience under her hat, she is unstoppable.

Sheesham has a background in spirituality. A Clairvoyant & Psychic, these gifts enable her to see/ sense many unseen future events. She is a well-read individual with knowledge that varies from occult science to mythology including Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Norse, Hebrew etc. Her forte lies in Hindu Mythology especially the Upanishads and Vedas. Apart from counselling, she also imparts spiritual knowledge in the form of various courses, for more information regarding same Sheesham Bansal. She has been successful in healing many people from several problems like chronic depression, gangrene, hearing impairments to name a few.

A student & follower of Master William Hauw, she has trained for three years in Vedic Astrology and is a Reiki Grandmaster and a certified Acupressure Practitioner. She has undergone training in various international healings.

She has also invented Ayur Numerology, which is about learning about someone from their Tridosha, and seven Dhatus, it helps with gaining knowledge about entire mind-body constitution of person, thus helps in predicting about coming times.


Specialization Experience of three years in Vedic Astrology, Sheesham Bansal Aggarwal is gaining knowledge of Krishana Murti Padhati. Astrology being a vast ocean, she has attained knowledge in the following branches:-

  • Prashan
  • Varahsphala
  • Parashra Astrology
  • Gemini Astrology
  • Mundane Astrology
  • Various Chakra including Sarvato Bhadra etc.
  • Medical Astrology
  • Ashtak Varga
  • Muhurata
  • Attained knowledge about marriage, children, possession, longevity and about various Dasha Systems prevailing.

An individual who believes in continuous evolution, Sheesham has successfully mastered various other healing techniques which include:-

  • Numerology (with various schools of Pythagoras, Kabala, Chinese, Cheiro)
  • Tarot Reading
  • Graphology (Handwriting analysis)
  • Coffee Cup Reading
  • Crystal Ball Gazing
  • Feng Shui (6 schools)
  • Reiki (has completed Grand Mastership)
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Bach Flower Therapy
  • Magnified Healing
  • Received the award for the ‘Best Reiki Healer’ by Canada Chapter.
  • Member of the International Reiki Healing Foundation, Singapore.
  • Deal with Domestic as well as International Clients based in the USA, East Asia, UK & India.
  • An active member of various Spiritual Sects.
  • A contributing writer for various magazines, write mainly about the Occult and Spirituality.
  • Contributing writer for Life Positive.
  • Associated with the international magazine ‘mentor’ as an Expert Graphologist
  • Had made appearance on various television shows.
  • Working with a media company as an astrologer consultant.
  • Editor for her website
  • Editor for her website
  • Doing live events with various MNC’s for tarot and numerology

She has also educated herself in other international streams of healing including:

  • Melchizedek method
  • Merlin Trinity
  • Quantum Healing
  • Energy Dynamic
  • Theta Healing
  • So Jok Therapy (Korean acupressure)
  • Melchizedek symbols

Mission & Vision

Sheesham Bansal Aggarwal is here to promote this knowledge as a science and not as a myth. Her mission is to reach out to people and make them aware of the potential of this science and empower them, put this knowledge to the best possible use and benefit the human race at large. She has taken it upon herself to spread this knowledge in the true sense of the word and help people to evolve.

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sheesham Bansal
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Dr. Sheesham Bansal
Sheesham Bansal
Sheesham Bansal


“My go to place for all my spiritual n mental needs and blessings. I swear by Dr Sheesham’s advice on personal n professional front.
Thank you guru, guide and friend. “

Mr. Nikki


“She is multi talented and has avid knowledge of all healing and predictive sciences. In very young age , she got directed towards spiritual knowledge. She got curious to know science and mechanism towards all spiritual phenomena”



“When ever I have approached her , I have always found solution to my problems. She is my trouble shooter.”



Hey…greetings to you mam! I just wanted to thank you from all the goodness and positivity in me that came through you! It’s difficult to word such experiences, I’m bloddy fortunate to have your presence in my ride! The clarity and calm boost which comes whilst talking to you is pure magic! Thankyou for making me believe how good it is to have some things bigger than money and tangible success! How I wish if I could be even a cent worthy for any help to you and wish the world around you keeps you as charming, uplifted and happy as ever! In short,THANKYOU! thankyou for all your time and energy. Cheers!


My  session with Sheesham was nothing short of Amazing!!! Was so comfortable with her and so many things came up for me that I buried so deep that even I forgot about how much they’re affecting me.

I’ve done multiple sessions with Sheesham and every single one has opened me and lightened me even more. Forever grateful for her work & I recommend her to Everyone.

With her sessions it is wonderful because I could see the areas in my body holding energy and her hands moving because I had so much blocked energy. Truly transformational ❤

Love and gratitude for her always! She’s been an amazing source of support in my life continuously!


Had a great session with Sheesham,it was one of the most special moments with her..

she helped me release lot of hidden ,unknown emotions and judgements from my DNA level which were holding me back from blossoming ..

A journey to acknowledging and release our past…
Letting go of the unknown..

I highly recommend this beautiful Divine experience atleast once ..

My deepest GRATITUDE to the UNIVERSE for introducing Me and my extended family to Shesaham…

THANK YOU..THANK YOU..THANK YOU.. Universe and Sheesham….

Witth folded hands ..


“She is multi talented and has avid knowledge of all healing and predictive sciences. In very young age , she got directed towards spiritual knowledge. She got curious to know science and mechanism towards all spiritual phenomena”



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