Aries Monthly Forecast

MAR 21-APR 19

Aries: General Reading

The first sign of the zodiac, Bold and ambitious born between March 21 to April 19. Generally, Aries are leaders who are very passionate, motivated and confident. They are filled with energy and dynamism. Aries is considered as one of the most active zodiac signs with the symbol Ram and because of its ruling planet Mars and the fact that it belongs to the element Fire, it is in their nature to take action before they think about anything sometimes. Aries always loves to be number one, so it’s not a surprise that this is the first sign of the zodiac.

Generally, Aries personality has a craze to fight for their goals. They are naturally brave and are rarely afraid of any risks. They possess a strong sense of purpose and impulse to do things, which means the world “Impossible” does not exist in their dictionary. They don’t fear to dive headfirst even into the most challenging situation. They always like to have a direct approach as they are extremely honest. This is a fearless sign who lives their life like a warrior. Though an Impulsive action and fiery words can put an Arian into trouble. They should learn to slow down and always think twice before reacting to anything.

The most compatible zodiac signs to bond with Aries are Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius. Their Lucky Gem is Diamond. Aries love matches with Sagittarius.

Talking about love, Aries can sense the chemistry uttered by the potential partner. An Aries will do anything and everything to go for the one they want. Being versatile by nature, Aries is found to be just amazing lovers and passionate. Arians are bold and fearless individuals, who are always ready to take charge and lead towards success.

Aries are amazing! Their name explains itself:

A stands for Assertive

R stands for Refreshing

I stands for Independent

E stands for Energetic

S stands for Sexy

General Traits of Aries:

  • A Born Leader: Characteristics of a Strong leader, knows how to take charge of others. A Trait of strong leadership helps to win in every undertaking of your life. Aries don’t wait for an opportunity to knock at the door, they move out to make their luck and destiny. They have strong decision-making power and are ambitious. They work hard to any extent to achieve their desired goals.
  • Self-confidence: The people around Aries are generally most inspired by this nature of self-confidence. This persists in any situation of life. They stick to a strong opinion and are independent. They hardly welcome any ideas from others and always stick to their opinions and ideas. Prefers always opt to be a pioneer of their life, who would never like to follow others and likes to do things their way.
  • Positive Energy: Aries belongs to a fire sign ruled by Mars makes them energetic and dynamic with a lot of positive energy filled in them. They would just not sit and waste time, rather enthusiastic in the situation. They do not dwell on the losses in unwanted situations, with a strong belief that worrying will not change the situation instead, they focus on their goals to overcome the hurdles and achieve success.
  • Creative: Aries being creative explore ways to do something different. They prefer doing artistic tasks.
  • Selfish: Aries will do anything if they have set their mind to win. No matter of any obstacles come their way, they will do it. They concern about self-advancement. They would put in extra effort and energy to get to the desired goals. Aries sometimes behave insensitive to other people’s emotions, as they feel that they have more knowledge than anyone around them.
  • Attention seekers: Aries demand Attention. They easily get irritated, when they don’t get it. Aries always prefer to be in the spotlight. Aries uses their skills and are enthusiastic to be a winner in any tasks of life.
  • Anger: Arian faces the biggest problem, as they don’t know how to control their anger. They easily get angry when things don’t happen according to them. They do not like to accept any suggestions from others.

Some secrets of Aries Personality:

You will always find an Aries excelling success on the sports field, speeding the highway or even organizing a lavishing party. It’s very hard to predict an Aries. Things will never get too boring on having them around as it is very easy for them to find new ways to mix things up. They are filled with opinions and tend to be vocal. If treated well, Aries are the sweetest person, but if you back-stab them, they can be your worst nightmare. Aries have a very sensitive heart. They don’t like to do repetitive routines. They are always focussed on the good and will never dwell on their losses.

Some Eminent personalities of Aries:

Lady Gaga, Jackie Chan, Elton John, Leonardo da Vinci, Maria Sharapova, Emma Watson and Quentin Tarantino

Motto of Aries:

“You’re empowered when you know yourself. When you accept yourself, you’re invincible.”

Aries October Forcast

This month in transit is number 4. 4 denotes nodal planet.  This month is to work on the ideas, you have conceived in your mind. You need to work hard. This is the month for research and development. You cant just sit on things and wait for them to move forward. This is the month to take action. On family front there might be more challenges.

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