Cancer Monthly Forecast

JUN 21-JUL 22

Cancer: General Traits

Cancer Zodiac Signs are people born between 21 – July 22 and is symbolized by Crab. Crabs tend to hold tightly whatever they love and face trouble in letting them go. They always want to be feel loved and appreciated. As Crabs, it is very important for Cancer people to feel safe as their sense of home. Unless a Cancerian feels safe or comfortable, it is very difficult for them to achieve anything. One will always find the home of a crab very welcoming, secure and cozy as they tend to create great home environments.

As Crabs have thick armor to protect from the changes in the surrounding, these people are very sensitive. The outer appearance of Cancer people hides the depth of their feelings, as they are very mysterious. They do not directly like to communicate and also do not like to reveal of themselves too much.

Cancers are very protective and courageous. They are mostly very successful people, as they have the ability to understand what others desire. Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon. The moon changes the moods and emotions of Cancer people just as it changes the oceans and tides on earth.

Cancers name says it all!

C stands for Caring

A stands for Ambitious

N stands for Nourishing

C stands for Creative

E stands for Emotionally intelligent

R stands for Resilient

Personality Traits:

Strengths of Cancer Zodiac sign are Nurturing, Supportive, Healing, Compassionate, Unconditionally loving. Known as one of the nurturing sign in the zodiac, Cancer people love deeply. They are very compassionate and give unconditional love to those in their lives. They have a huge sense of loyalty for their family and friends and will do anything to help their loved ones. They like to share everything they have and feel happy in doing so. They have a supernatural power of intuition. Crabs will overlook almost anything and will have a blind spot for love and demand the same in return. Cancers are best known for their loyalty, their parenting instincts or their emotional depths.

The moon controls their moods, this means they can switch easily. Cancer people are very sentimental and are terrific hoarders. They are very nostalgic. One cannot just turn their feelings off once they have been ignited. Cancerians are wonderful partners. They know how to have a good time. They are fragile.

They are practically psychic people. They are very sensitive and take things personally and get upset by overreacting. They should try to control their mood swings and think twice before reacting as these deep emotions can cause their feelings to hurt very easily.

With some positivity, Cancer people have some weaknesses such as they are too Dependent and moody people, are also very Moody. They are clingy. It is just not easy for them to leave their past. They are scared to be felt left alone and can do anything to avoid this.


They do not fall quickly into a relationship as they first make themselves sure before exposing any of their feelings. They usually shy away from people as Crabs walk sideways. They are always in search of a love they are comfortable with. They are very committed lovers and expect the same in return. They deeply rely on their partners attention and like to be loved and appreciated. They are very loyal and loving. They are not fighters, but will always fight for them, whom they love. Cancers love to take care of people.

They have a supernatural sense of intuition. Because of this ability to tend to sniff out secrets. No star sign in the zodiac is as loyal as the Cancer. They will overlook everything and have a blind trust for the people they love in their life. These are very sentimental individuals and will never bear to let anything go.

Some Secrets of Cancer personality:

  • They are naturally gifted at reading people.
  • They love passionately and have the power to make a person feel alive.
  • If a Cancers heart is broken, they face a hard time moving on from the relationship and take a long time to get back on their feet again.
  • They are very generous and are giving personalities as they just like to put a smile on the faces of their loved ones.
  • They love affection.
  • These are very easy going people, but if provoked they will give back.
  • Mostly their emotions overwhelm them, but they often try to keep things under control.
  • They tend to take their own time to find the love of their life, but once found they form an extremely deep bond with their partner and will give everything they have got.

Famous Cancerians:

Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, King Bach, Luke Bryan, Kevin Hart, Princess Diana, Solange Knowles and Lindsay Lohan.

Cancer’s Motto:

“I feel, therefore I am.”

Cancer October Forcast

This is time for number 7,  time for introspection . People who are looking to go out of india, this is the best time for them. For students it’s good time, to take up further studies and education.

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