Capricorn Monthly Forecast

DEC 22-JAN 19

Capricorn: General Traits and Personality Characteristics

Born between December 22nd and January 20th are the Capricorn Individuals. They belong to the element Earth who are mostly practical, ambitious and self-reliant. Capricorns can navigate between the material and emotional activities. Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorns are very moderate and wise people. They try to avoid all types of drama and try to avoid any complications in life to live happily. The zodiac sign of Capricorn is the mountain goat featured with a fishtail that represents progressing to greater heights to get success, fame, prestige, and money.

Mostly Capricorns love to be traditional. Capricorn’s positive energy includes loyal, family lover, hard-working and honest. On the flip side, negative energies are pessimistic, unforgiving, cold, materialistic and too serious people. With powerful determination, they climb the ladder of success every day. They like to work hard and play hard. But at times they are so hardworking and driven to succeed that they neglect their loved ones. A Capricorn should appreciate what they have. They should also give value to their friends, family, and other relationships as they give to their career success.

Meaning of Capricorn! The name explains everything.

C stands for Confident

A stands for Analytical

P stands for Practical

R stands for Responsible

I stands for Intelligent

C stands for Caring

O stands for Organized

R stands for Realistic

N stands for Neat

General Traits of Capricorn:

  • Loyal: Capricorns are gold-hearted and pure souls. Their depth of kindness to help others can never be measured. They are very genuine people. One can easily rely on a Capricorn in times of need and these individuals fulfill their responsibilities very seriously.
  • Hard-working: Capricorns are well aware that only by working hard they will achieve success in their life. They are very committed people.
  • Team Player: People born under this sign are great team players, as they easily get mixed with any group and reflect as one of its members only. These individuals can be easily valued.
  • Ambitious: These are very determined people with great ambitions. They always work hard for a better future.
  • Classy: Capricorns are well described by the word Classy, not only by their looks but also through their actions. Elegant and charming defines them. They never follow any trend until they are convinced that they can make it classy.
  • Too serious individuals: These are very sober and overly serious people who always have an in-built responsibility to protect. Mostly they have a very reserved personality.
  • Critical: Capricorns expect other people to live by their rules which can be a pressure to their near ones.


Love Relationships:

Capricorns are always in search of quality long term relationships. They always keep their individuality in their love life as they always tend to have an open communication relationship. They are completely devoted and loyal in terms of their relationship. People can easily rely on them and they will always try to give their best in their relationship to never put their loved ones down.

Family & Friends:

Capricorns like to spend quality time with family, working on a project. They enjoy their business along with pleasure. Their goal is the prize. Capricorns should learn to listen little of their heart also, then their heads if they want to be fulfilled. The two most important aspect for a Capricorn is only their home and family. Only because they love and care for their family, they will never ever give up on them. They always get the best use of the strengths of their friends which can help them to live a better life. Capricorns are great friends.

Some secrets of Capricorn personality:

  • The practical mind of a Capricorn helps them to solve complex problems that can even surprise others.
  • When others get tired and bored, a Capricorn will keep moving until they reach success.
  • A Capricorn can easily read a person intentions within seconds of meeting them.
  • The extensive vocabulary is enough to put someone in their place instead of physical violence.
  • They prefer to move out and work towards their dream, instead of just sitting around and talking about their dreams.
  • Capricon’s have a clear determination to do good at every deal, hence they are found to do well in the business world.
  • They care only for the truth instead of believing in rumors.
  • They are very organized individuals and get irritated at people who waste their time.
  • When the trust of a Capricorn is screwed, they don’t easily forgive or forget.
  • A Capricon will never take a random decision to regret later, instead being extremely calculated they will go through all the pros and cons when making an important decision.

Famous known Capricorns:

Kate Middleton, Liam Hemsworth, Michelle Obama, Zayn Malik, Dolly Parton, Bradley Cooper, David Bowie, Orlando Bloom, Denzel Washington and Martin Luther King Jr.

Capricorn’s Motto:

“In whatever I put my mind to, I will succeed.”

Capricorn October Forcast

This is time to rekindle . Rethink of your decisions . Dont spend more money.  Do your savings wisely. Hasty expenditures , this time in month will stagnate your life and money both. You will have to go with flow and wait for next month patiently.

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