Leo Monthly Forecast

MAR 21-APR 19

Leo: General Traits

People born under the zodiac sign Leo are natural born courageous leaders born between July 23 – August 22. Symbolized by Lion, they have the quality of nobility representing royalty, rulership, strength. Their energy is expressive and flamboyant by nature. Leos are considered to be the kings and queens of the zodiac. They always want love and to be the center of attention. As Leos are ruled by the sun, they are much stable, loyal and consistent in their life. Leos completely dedicate their heart in every relationship and are very committed friends or lovers. Leo is represented by the card “strength” which means the strength of physical, mental and emotions. These lions are always the life of any party and love attention.

Leos are always the first people to praise themselves for any job which is very well done and they never believe in false modesty. They mostly thrive on social interactions. Leos are very passionate in all perspectives of life. They love grand gestures. Lions are adventurer. They balance their life of social obligations and travel to relax and luxuriate. Irrespective of their time and attention, Leos always show friendliness and politeness to everyone. They have equally big ideas and even much bigger hearts.

One of the best things people love about a Leo is that they have a big heart, warm spirit and the love of laughter which makes them a joy to be around. Some people might go off because of their dramatic nature and their unique ways to gain attention that can be mistaken for their arrogance. Leo should always try to pay attention to the feelings of the people around them. A Leo can never keep its feelings hidden.

Leo’s name shows it all!

L stands for Leaders

E stands for Energetic

O stands for Optimistic

General personalities of Leo:

  • Caring: Leo generally has a huge circle of friends and knows how to care and nurture all of them and is always generous with them. They have a protective attitude for their friends or loved ones. They care very deeply for the one they closed to. If Leo desires to achieve something, they will fight against all the obstacles to get it. Generally, Leos love to live their life their way, with their terms and conditions.
  • Optimistic: Leos are optimistic, the ones who can see the silver lining to life. They always see the positive side of any situation or the problems they face in their life. They tend to live in good than dwell over the bad.
  • Natural born leaders: Leos are born leaders who always likes to be on the top. Born with a regal aura that makes others follow them. They work hard to be in the center for any social gatherings. Leo’s natural confidence and desire for attention always make them popular.
  • Kind: Leos have a very compassionate heart, and tend to be very kind and generous people. They always feel the responsibility to help out their closed ones in need. Leos will go to any extent in life to keep their loved ones happy.
  • Honesty: Leos are very straightforward people and loves to be honest, not believing in false modesty. Leo likes to always speak to truth and will never lie just to impress others.
  • Arrogance: Due to their dominant and confident nature, they can be arrogant at times. They mostly ooze with confidence. They get self-centered and think that they are the best in everything.
  • Lazy: Thought Leos are full of ambition, they tend to be lazy at times. They will always prefer to choose the easy way for any given opportunities.
  • Competitive: Leos always want to be at their best, and most beautiful in the world.

Influential People who share the Leo zodiac sign

Barack Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Madonna, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, Mick Jagger, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Some Secrets of a Leo personality:

  • Leo’s has a big heart, always willing to help people. These are extremely kind and generous individuals.
  • A Leo will be too kind for their good, but they will not spare you if they find you abusing their good deeds done to you.
  • When Leo decides to do something, they will make sure to complete it.
  • Leo’s are known for their loyalty.
  • Like a Lion, a Leo will fiercely protect their loved ones. The presence of a Leo makes one feel safe
  • These are extremely straight-forward creatures and they don’t like to be sneaky.
  • Leos are social creatures and loves to bond with good friends. They are often the life of a party.
  • A Leo sometimes will just disappear for some time to recharge their batteries.
  • They don’t like to get ignored. They love attention and affection.

Leo’s Motto:

“If you know the way, go the way and show the way—you’re a leader.”

Leo October Forcast

Money and financials will increase with Saturn becoming strong for you people. Time for monetary gains is here.  You will get powerful position and authority at work and family.

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