Pisces Monthly Forecast

FEB 19-MAR 20

Piscus: General Traits and Personality Characteristics

The 12th last sign of the zodiac – Pisces born between February 19 – March 20. Pisces is resembled by two fish swimming in opposite directions which divides Pisces’s attention between fantasy and reality. Ruled by the planet Neptune which represents illusion, imagination, and creativity. They have very strong gut reactions and deeply feel things to judge a person or a situation. Pisces always respect deeply the power of a human mind. They are very sensitive individuals. They tend to have an active imagination when they are completely lonely by themselves. With an approach to live and let live, Pisces are very accepting and non-judgemental people.

Pisces like to daydream. They don’t often work the same way as other people will do but can be able to get things quickly. They face problems when they spend too much just thinking and believe that there is no solution. Pisces is considered to be the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. It’s wonderful to dream, but they should take care that their imagination should not lead them into trouble. They should put their feet grounded to the real world also and pay attention to everything that’s going on their life every day.

The name of a Pisces explains its meanings!

P stands for physic

I stand for intelligent

S stands for surprising

C stands for creative

E stands for emotionally-driven

S stands for sensitive

General personality traits of Pisces:

  • Empathetic: Pisces are very empathetic who live with a lively imagination. Have a friendly disposition to everything.
  • Artistic: There are no boundaries to the creativity of a Pisces. They have artistic talent, as they are ruled by the planet Neptune. They see the world in a very artistic way which gives them a different perspective.
  • Emotional: A Pisces will cry if they see tears in other’s eyes. It saddens them if they sense hurt in someone’s voice. It doesn’t matter for a Pisces to love someone unconditionally.
  • Selfless: Pisces are very generous and selfless individuals. No matter how badly someone treats with them, they are so selfless creatures, they will always be there if someone is in need.
  • Natural Healers: Whatever a Pisces will go through, be it physical or emotional trauma, they are the natural healers who can heal themselves without any help or support. They use this feature to help needy people.
  • Moody: It is best to give a Pisces space when they are moody. Attitude defines Pisces. They are so moody at times without knowing the reasons themselves.
  • Negative: A Pisces can easily become negative after any bad situation, as they do not forget things very easily, thus prolonging their recovery time.
  • Escapists: Pisces easily get lost in their imaginations thus known as Escapists or dreamers. They easily slip away, just when one thinks that they are with them.


Pisces fall in love very easily. They are very loyal and generous to their partners. They are heroically romantic people. Even when they suffer from low esteem at times, they will never show for the people they love. They love and believe in fairy tales. They easily fall in love deeply and very quickly. As they are very sensitive people, they always tend to be serious in their relationship. They will never think of anything to do for their loved ones. They have also known to have the biggest heart in the zodiac. They never find it difficult to express their needs from the people whom they love.

Family and Friends:

Pisces always prefer to put their family and friends before themselves. Their family happiness is a Pisces happiness. They would do anything in the world for their family and friends. Pisces may tend to have many friends but are very loyal to a few whom they love. They will the first person to notice you in a problem when no one else have sensed.

Some secrets of Pisces personality:

  • They have an open heart which allows them to see the best in people. They are very kind souls
  • They are positive spirited individuals who always try to bring out the best in the people.
  • They like to know people on a deeper level and if not allowed they get bored and wander off.
  • A Pisces would tend to have a handful of friends to spend their time with, whom they can trust, then to thousands of friends.
  • Known as visionaries, who love to do things in a completely new way than to follow rules.
  • They have an adaptable characteristic and get along with all types of people.
  • Extremely generous and giving people.
  • They are indecisive at times and can drive their friends and loved one’s nuts when they are just not able to make a decision.

Famous Pisces:

Grover Cleveland, Rihanna, Albert Einstein, Justin Bieber, Adam Levine, George Washington, Steve Jobs, James Madison, Kurt Russell, Cindy Crawford, and Justin Bieber.

Pisces October Forcast

Things will be fast paced . You are moving fast towards realization of your dreams. All the forces are aligned together to help you.

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