Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

NOV 22-DEC 21

Sagittarius: General Traits and Personality Characteristics

Sagittarius are born between November 21 – December 21, symbolized by Archer that embodies both human and animal representing it. They are always in search to gain knowledge. These are fun-loving individuals, truth seekers, adventurers, love to travel. They are mostly curious and always ready to explore. They take their specific time to form their own opinions and will never hesitate to ask any embarrassing questions.

Sagittarius is adept at following their paths and can always go alone. They don’t need any roadmap and easily conceptualize opportunities that others might not see. They don’t require any permission. Sagittarius is too blunt and is capable to put their own needs above others. They love to do things independently.

Ruled by the largest planet of the zodiac – Jupiter. People born under this sign are very enthusiastic and possess a great sense of humor. Their greatest treasure is Freedom. They are extrovert, optimistic. They are the individuals who are capable to transform their thoughts into actions. A Sagittarius should act wise and slow down and stick to something for some time as they have an aggressive eagerness for new things.

Sagittarius are amazing individuals as their name explains everything!

S means Seductive

A means Adventurous

G means Grateful

I mean Intelligent

T means Trailblazing

T means Tenacious adept

A means Adept

R means Responsible

I mean Idealistic

U means Unparalleled

S means Sophisticated

General Personality Traits:

  • Smart: Sagittarians are smart and intelligent individuals. They take the risk and can see the possibilities in any task. It is very difficult to fool a Sagittarius, as they will think ten steps ahead of what others are thinking.
  • Caring: Sagittarians do not know to show but they care for people very deeply.
  • Deep thinker: They would always want to know who the other person is and can see the end very clearly, while most others lack this characteristic.
  • Honesty: They are extremely honest people, making others to get fond of them. They will never care who doesn’t like it.
  • Fun Loving: Sagittarians are fun-filled individuals who are wild, independent, friendly and outgoing. They have a zest for life.
  • Impatient: They don’t like to slow things down, which makes them restless and impatient. They easily get frustrated if things and not working according to them.
  • Careless: They have the habit of taking things for granted. Because of this careless manner, taking risks can put themselves or even others at risk.
  • Boastful: Sagittarians are prone to exaggeration and show everything more significant than it is whether good or bad.
  • Attention seekers: They are known for being the most irritating attention seekers. They can even harm themselves to seek attention.


Sagittarius always enjoy having fun with their partners. If committed, they are very loyal, faithful and dedicated. They always want their partners to be expressive. Sagittarians are very attentive and plan things generously to make their loved ones happy. Always ready to go on a vacation to unknown places and do their best to make things interesting. In return they never expect favors. They accept people just as they are.

Friends and Family:

Being very vivacious, Sagittarius is never short of friends. These individuals are fun-loving with an ability to make a boring activity an interesting one. They can get along with anyone because of their open communication. Sagittarius strongly values their families, very honest even though they are not able to express their feelings. They never say no to family obligations and are always ready to work for them in need. Sagittarius will do anything for their family. They are always loyal to their loved ones. The friendly, outgoing attitude and interesting conversations of a Sagittarius keep others engaged happily.

Some Secrets of a Sagittarius personality:

  • A Sagittarius will always do what they want to do and will never think about the consequences of their actions.
  • They are always there to support people as they empathize with them.
  • It is impossible to control a Sagittarius.
  • These are smart people to get things easily what they want.
  • They don’t like to see people suffering. It is a very overwhelming situation for them.
  • Rebellion by heart, they are adventurers which makes them restless and dynamic.
  • They love the company of different people.
  • These are bold individuals, always fixed on the future.
  • They always love to focus on the positive than negative.
  • A Sagittarius is typically bold and always fixed in the future.
  • Instead of focusing on the problems they prefer to find answers.
  • Once their trust is broken, you can never get it back.
  • The kind of person, everyone would want.
  • The easiest way to protect themselves from getting hurt is that they don’t get close to anyone easily.
  • They are future thinkers.

Famous Sagittarius Celebrities:

Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Joseph Stalin, Britney Spears, Walt Disney, Jake Gyllenhall and Ben Stiller.

Sagittarius Motto:

“Towering genius disdains a beaten path.”

Sagittarius October Forcast

Number 3 is in power position this month.  This is time for celebrations  and joy. A happy month for both work and with family. Good news will come from every sector of life.

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