Virgo Monthly Forecast

AUG 23-SEP 22

Virgo: General Traits

Virgo symbolizes sacrifice and outstanding care for the loved ones in their life. Born between August 23 – September 21, with the symbol Maiden, Virgos are compassionate individuals. They are always in deep thoughts, assessing people around them. They seem to be very calm personalities, but there is always going on under the surface. They are stoic, reliable and practical individuals. An observant Virgo will be very quick to notice any flaws and fix them to help others to reach out to their best potential.

Leos are governed by the planet Mercury, the messenger planet of communication in the zodiac. Virgos are kind, gentle and very supportive by nature. Leos are excellent teachers, healers, editors, and musicians. They have an eagle eye to every smallest detail. Virgos have the best memories of all zodiac signs. A Virgo can become too critical for others sometimes, as their perfectionism can sometimes be negative. A Virgo should try to loosen up once in a while, as no one is perfect.

Virgos are amazing! Their names say everything.

V stands for Virtuous

I stands for Intelligent

R stands for Responsible

G stands for Generous

O stands for Optimistic

Traits of Virgo:

  • Intelligence: Ruled by the planet Mercury, a sign of intelligence, Virgo’s are blessed with intelligence and always ready to expand their knowledge. They have a very methodical approach to life.
  • Calm: Calm by nature Virgos are very patient people who always try to find good in others.
  • Analytical: Virgo observes things in black and white as their minds tend to be to very analytical. They can find solutions for any tough problems. They have an eye for detailing before making any decision.
  • Honesty: Virgos are considered to be one of the most honest signs in the zodiac. They keep their thoughts very clear and do not get afraid to tell others exactly how they feel about them. They will never sugar coat their words. Even if the truth hurts, Virgos follow the rule, Honesty is the best Policy.
  • Reliable: Virgo people are very committed and highly reliable. You can easily depend on a Virgo to finish any tasks with efficiency and perfections. They will never let you down.
  • Perfectionist: Virgos always choose to settle for the best and are considered to be the perfectionist. Be it a career or a hobby, they seek perfection in everything they do.
  • Critical: These people are very difficult to get along with. They exactly assume how things should be done and have a very demanding character.
  • Judgemental: Virgos tend to judge people on a single viewpoint in that person’s life. They have a very judgemental characteristic.
  • Fussy: Virgos get easily lost into detailing, which tends their nature to be Fussy at times.

Virgo also has some negative trait in them, as they are very Obsessive, critical personality, a perfectionist. Because of this nature, they can even become negative towards everything. At certain times, they can be even hard on themselves. Sometimes they are filled with anxiety, which can be vulnerable to nervous breakdowns.

In another status of their lives, Virgos are picky, they can take a long time to find the right partner for themselves. They will be happy to remain single but will prefer to wait until they find what they are looking for. But when they find the right partner, they are very loyal and devoted.

Virgos love to spend time with their family and friends. In difficult situations, Virgos are always on their feet to help their loved ones. For them their family is everything and they will do anything to keep their relationships strong and healthy.

In Careers, Virgo’s are great workers. They willingly accept any tasks. They are very attentive people and love creativity.

Some secrets of the Virgo personality:

  • Virgo’s are determined individuals, so when they have decided to do something, they will work for it until they make it happen.
  • They have very clever minds and have keen attention to every detail. This helps them to find solutions much easier than others.
  • Virgo’s do not accept incompetence and stupidity.
  • Virgo’s are emotional and very sensitive people.
  • Virgo’s are notorious perfectionists. So if they do something they will just do it right. They can be even hard on themselves for this.
  • They are very reserved people, but if they are in the environment of good friends and they feel ease being around them, they can even go a bit wild.
  • These are independent thinkers. They don’t trust gossips easily and like to come to their conclusions.
  • Virgo’s are strong-minded and are never afraid to make their opinions known.
  • A Virgo can overthink every little thing and there is constantly something or the other going on in their mind.

Famous Virgo celebrities:

Blake Lively, Michael Jackson, Michelle Williams, Prince Harry, Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek, and Cameron Diaz.

Virgo Motto:

“My best can always be better.”

Virgo October Forcast

This is the month for gains. Old projects will come to an end and new things will start in your life. Old circle of friends will go and new networking will happen

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