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Silver Package

In today’s life if hustle bustle , we want quick and crisp answers to our queries. We want precesion and right on dot answers.

There are astrologers who beat round the Bush and just muddle here and there.

But here is introducing to you what you really need !!!

  • This is a package created for you, so you know your answers, accurately   in short span of time.
  • This is a package created just for you for you to know crisp and clear , yes and no  , to your answers.
  • Select 8 questions, in just ₹2999 INR (42$) and know truly Yes and No your answers.


  • One package applies to one person’s horoscope.
  • If you do not have time of birth, we can make your horoscope form your date of birth and name also

Real Example of Silver Package

Background : Respected mam, greetings
Mam I am doing my family business right now but i want to do something else as well. Lately I feel, I have exhausted my potential in current business and i see that i can so much more than what i am doing. So my series of questions are with regards to the following :

1. Will I digress from my current line of work?

Answer: yes

2. Can I do something of my own other than the family business
Answer : yes

3.If I digress, will i continue with my family business?
Answer :yes

4. Can I expand my current line of busines as well.
Answer. No

5. I am facing lot of hiccups in my business, will they go to next six months?
Answer : Hiccups are there for 18 months in current busines

6. should I change my industry in my new business
Answer: yes

7. What are recommended industries for me
Answer: software, education, ecommerce stationary, digital stationary, leather, carpet business.

8.what is my lucky color?
Answer :red

9. Which month should I start my business?
Answer: November 2019 or March 2020

10. Will I be succesful in my new business?
Answer: yes

12. By when can i ascentain success?
Answer: one year from starting business

Golden Package

In case you don’t have clarity or mind and you don’t know which way to head for, than this package is your answer.

Choose 5 questions and know detailing of your questions in two or five lines for each question.

Accurate replies based on crisp calculations. If you want insight of things than here is your answer.

This is package when you want accuracy and detailing both, yet in crisp works. Yes , its is just for ₹4999 (72$) and you get 5 questions in it.

Know the details of your life in your economical budget.

Real Example of Golden Package

Question1: When will I get married?

Answer 1:  Your time of marriage has started since May 2019. Now you will start getting suitable matches and you will get married by April 2020.

Question 2: Will my would be husband support me financially?

Answer2: You are a self made person and you your self will do financially very well in life. Your would be spouse will take care of your basic expenses. He will provided the money for a normal every life and needful expenditures but not for expenses beyond that.

For extra expenditures like luxury shopping, hobbies, you will spend your own money.

Question3: I want change my career field. I want to start my own business. I have in mind the fabric business. Is it a good line for me and will this line of work make money for me?

Answer3: Your Saturn and Venus both are well placed in horoscope. You will do very well in business. Fabric line really suits you especially for women and children. Export and import of fabric will also be very suitable for you.

Question 4: Will I have children early in marriage?

Answer 4: yes, you will have first child in first two years of marriage. Your horoscope has combination of you having two kids. But it depends on horoscope of your spouse as well.

Question 5: How will I do financially in my life?

Answer5:  You will do financially very well in your life. You will have your own business. Business suits you more than doing a job. Financially you will be secure, stable. You will have a good life style. Your investment sense is very good and you can gauge business opportunity very quickly.

Terms and Conditions

1. All the answers will be given on basis of calculations but we are not personally responsible for any answers and are not liable for any package or answers at all.
2. One time payment for one package is reimbursed by one mail to answer the queries.If you have more questions or supporting questions to queries, kindly buy another package, as we are not liable for the same.

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