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October 14, 2019by vikasoo30

Generally, when astrologers ask the date of the birth total, they add up all the figures of date of birth individually to a single digit in numerology.

For example Somebody is born on 4-5-1956. His number will be ( 4+5+1+9+5+6). The total comes as 30. When you add 3 and 0 of 30, it gives you 3. So, your final number is 3.

But there are certain numbers which are not reduced to single numbers. And, these numbers are called Master Numbers, and they seem to have special significance. These numbers are 11, 22,33.

These Master Numbers are said to be Spiritual Numbers. And all the people, whose date of birth adds to these Master Numbers have special abilities in them.

11– They are perfectionist, and good at whatever they are doing.

22– They are very good administrators. They have fabulous dexterity.

33– They are master healers. They are the ascended beings who are there on earth, to help humanity.

These people have exceptional skills. And where ever they go they are revered by people for their exceptional work.


What is Chinese Numerology?

Let’s talk about what exactly Chinese Numerology is,

There was a saint named fu-hsi around 5000 B.C. he was meditating near the yellow sea, then he saw a turtle coming from the sea.
The turtle had a grid on its hump. There were numerical dots on the grid of 3 by 3. However way you added those numbers, the grid gave the total of 15.

Thus, the saint realized that the grid is magical. From there started the Chinese numerology. Thus, we take the Date of Birth of an individual and see it in relation to the grid. This grid tells us all about the other person and unwinds the life like a story. This is one of the most accurate forms of numerology, however not very popular.

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