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September 29, 2019by vikasoo30
There was a saint named fu-hsi around 5000 b.c. he was meditating near the yellow sea. He saw a turtle coming from the sea.
The turtle had a grid on a hump. There were numerical dots on the grid of 3 by 3. However way you added those numbers, the grid gave the total of 15.
Thus the saint realized that grid is magical. From there started the numerology. We take the date of birth of individuals and we see in relation to the grid. This grid tells all about the other person and unwinds his life like a story. This is one of the most accurate forms of numerology though not very popular.

What are master numbers?

Generally, when we calculate the date of the birth total in numerology, we add up all the figures in the date of birth to a single digit.
For example, somebody born on 4-5-1956. His number will be 4 plus 5 plus 1 plus……..six. so the total comes as thirty. When you add three and zero of thirty, it gives you three. So your final number is three.
But there are certain numbers which are not reduced to single numbers. These numbers are called master numbers and they seem to have special significance. These numbers are 11, 22,33.
These are said to be spiritual numbers. And all the people, whose date of birth adds to these numbers have special abilities in them.
11– they are perfectionist, and good at whatever they are doing.
22– they are very good administrators. They have fabulous dexterity.
33– they are the master healer. They are ascended beings who are there on earth, to help humanity.
These people have exceptional skills. And where ever they go they are revered by people for their exceptional work.
For some period I have been seeing four times seven number plates, in a car. Does that have significance?
Yes, we said numbers follow us.and when a number appears to us the multiple numbers of times, it might be there to give you a message. Plus if the digits of numbers are also repeating that means, the intensity of that digit is multiplying enormously. Below the list of this esp. Numbers.
1111– you need to focus more on your career. a new opportunity is coming in future.
2222– you have loved coming to your life.
3333– time for joy and happiness in your life.
4444– beware of trusting people.
5555– travel is beneficial for you
6666– family love and happiness is coming your way.
7777– angels are around you. introspect your life to make better out of it.
8888– you are about to reap money.
9999– you are expanding.

Mandala – Essential Oils

1. Ylang ylang is a simple oil. It is mild oil with a bit of scent. You can use it in household easily. It has a floral ting. It is a very good oil of the skin. You can use it nourish your skin. You can massage the oil on the scalp. It gives natural shine and bounces to hair. One can also massage the whole body with it. It improves blood circulation. By regular body, massage body becomes strong and gains strength.
 2.Flax Seed Oil
Flaxseed oil is medium in density but very good for kidney. It aids indigestion. It removes constipation easily.
It’s equally good for the lungs, reduces respiratory problems.
It is very good for sprains. Any part of the body especially limbs, which are paining a lot if you apply this oil, it reduces the s2.welling and reduces the pain.
3.Clove oil
This oil is an analgesic. It is used at mosquito repellent. It should be used as a room freshener, purifies the room and acts as antiseptic.
This should not be used directly on the skin. It should always be mixed with a carrier oil.
It is also good for the digestive tract. It removes the pitta and Vayu dosha from the body and brings it into balance.
A most popular use is in case of dental problems. In case of swelling of tooth and tooth extractions, it is even recommended by medical doctors. It eases pain in gums and teeth.
In our mind, it helps us get rid of the state of two minds. It gives clarity of mind and you are able to reach on clear outcome.
4.Lemon oil
In the lane of therapeutic oils, there is popular and easily available oil, lemon oil.
It reduces astringent in the body and reduces depression. It removes

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